Skittles Unlimited

Skittles came out with the best candy... it's candy-flavoured candy!!! That's right "Skittles Unlimited" (for a limited time only) come in candy flavours!

red = red licorice
pink = bubblegum
blue = cotton candy
white = candy apple
green = green slushy

Get some while you can, they are awesome!!!

Apparently in other parts of the world they are "carnival skittles" (for a limited time and have different packaging and came out in 2006


This year in Australia a "carnival skittles" was released with the following flavours:

"In June 2007 Carnival Skittles became available in Australia, known as Showtime flavours. The flavours are
Popcorn (light yellow)
Jam Donut (brown red)
Toffee Apple (green)
Fairy Floss (pink)
Bubblegum (baby blue)"

Also I found a candy blog about Skittles, it doesn't mention Unlimited but it's pretty neat:


Anonymous said...

I wish they would bring them back

Anonymous said...

awesome blog, do you have twitter or facebook? i will bookmark this page thanks. lina holzbauer

Amby said...

It's ambyrisu on Twitter :-)